Our strengths

Our employees are committed to this.
With all their ideas, with all their creativity, with all their communication, this is WOLTERS. The future of WOLTERS and the success of our customers will appear as our employees shape them. Even more so in times when the market conditions and our customer requirements are constantly changing. What sets us apart from others is not the machinery, but our employees.
It is our employees that give the product the name “WOLTERS”.



Who we are and where we come from.


The name WOLTERS stands as a symbol for nuts of all sorts.
Almost 100 years of production history is not the only measure of the experience and efficiency of a modern company. At WOLTERS, however, this past is the basis for our globally valued expertise in the field of connection technology.

QUALITY and RELIABILITY at all levels.
Founded in 1921 by the brothers Carl and Hans Wolters, we are the third generation of the family to steer the company. Today we have around 90 employees and commission over 17,000 t annually. 


The 2nd of March, 1921
The brothers Carl and Hans Wolters found the company C. & H. Wolters.
They produce nuts by hot and cold forming.

As of 1945
The factory premises of C. & H. Wolters which was largely destroyed in World War II, is rebuilt and production resumed.

The company splits: Carl Wolters continues production by hot forming, his brother founds Hans Wolters KG, which specialises in cold forming.

Hans Wolters KG
In the following years
the company grows steadily. Sales expand into the automotive industry and its suppliers.

The 1970s
Throughout the 1970s, with the aid of trade relationships, the import of products from the Far East ensures the company continues to expand.

The first high-bay warehouse is built.

Inhouse forging of nuts is ended. The thread cutting facility remains in full operation.

The production of all metal self-locking nuts is brought on line.

2019 – 2020
Major Investiture in the company sees further expansion with an additional automatic packaging system (giving, 4 carton and 2 bag) and a state of the art optical sorting system (making a total of 11 optical sorting lines) being put into operation. Commissioning of the first e-charging station.

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